A cluster is a geographic concentration of interconnected companies, specialised suppliers, service companies and support agents in a certain area in which they compete, but also cooperate.

A cluster initiative is a highly effective instrument to detect and implement winning strategies between companies and agents that form part of the same value chain and which share common challenges.

  • Value chain
  • Winner strategies
  • Common challenges

Who can form part of us?

The cluster is opened to all companies and agents of the foodservice.

We have participants from the food transformer industry (drinks manufacturers, fresh food, dried food, precooked dishes, etc.), to the distributor companies (logistics operators, cash & carry, wholesalers and distributors) and the restaurant channel.

  • Food manufacturers
  • Logistics operators
  • Cash & carry
  • Wholesalers and distributors
  • Restaurant channel


- Forming part of a space for discussion and reflection between companies of the value chain in order to see the strategic challenges and tendencies of the sector and to identify common goals.
- Participating in the development of projects in line with the challenges of different areas and scopes: projects between clusters and nationally and internationally, innovative product projects, etc..
- Identifying the travelling companion that can bring value: Networking.

  • Space for discussion and reflection
  • Project development
  • Networking

Foodservice value chain

Cadena de valor Clúster Foodservice