How do we do it?


Axes of the cluster


  1. Strategically planning routes for the future development of the value chain.
  2. Encouraging cooperation and meetings between entities in order to favour the production of ideas and synergies between the companies and the adhered entities.
  3. Defining policies and actions of common interest for the associates.
  4. Driving innovation of the associates.
  5. Enhancing the exchange of scientific and technical knowledge between the researchers of the Universities and the Technological Development Centres and the associates.
  6. Enhancing training on all levels (university, professional training, ongoing training, technical meetings, etc...).
  7. Advising the associates on opportunities for innovation, cooperative projects, subsidies, etc...
  8. Establishing strategic relationships with other leading regions of the sector, international, European and state institutions, in order to favour cooperation exchanges.
  9. Promoting the distinctive quality and the prestige of the association and the participation of the associates in international projects and events.
  10. Acting as a spokesperson with the Public Administrations.

 Work areas

Areas de trabajo


 How we do it?

¿Cómo lo hacemos?